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Riya Sharma

nyipMy name is Riya Sharma and I am a Professional freelance Travel and Street Photographer Graduated from New York Institute of Photography who captures strong, graphic imagery with a versatile style and vibrant twist. My images Highlight the subtleties of historic venues, travel attractions and the overall essence of a scene.

I photograph to make me happy. It’s as simple as that. I enjoy the act of trying to capture a shot that I like. My goal is working towards taking the ‘perfect’ picture – that combination of technique, style and impact that still draws people to look at an image years or decades later. The fact I’ll never achieve this is what motivates me to keep shooting. There will always be more to shoot and better ways to shoot it.

Photography is my life, my passion. For many years, my friends have not seen me without my faithful companion.

One day, a good friend of mine said, “You know Riya, I think you really connect with the people you take photos of. It may sound pretentious, but I think you’ve got the talent to capture their soul.” Many said that I am good at this, so I decided to make a living out of it. And so it happened. For several years, I have been creating art through photography. I invite you to check my portfolio and contact me for an unforgettable experience!I really value your opinion, that’s why I ask all the people to leave a feedback. Thanks in advance!

This  Website  is  dedicated  to my  passion Photography. On  this  website,  you can Learn a little more about  me and the equipment I use.
‘Memories on the wall’ is how I like to describe it.
 According to me once the boat leaves the shore, 
what difference does the near or farther makes.

Awards & Achievements


Riya Sharma Felicitated by Lion Sureshbhai Shah( Past District Governor-Lion Dist.323B) For Photography on lions Installation programme for Team 2015-16.

Lions club of Chhatral Ind.Area & Lioness club of Kalol Unison at Hotel Maharaja Landmark- Kalol